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A database of 500+ drivers & 2,500+ Carriers!

Matching drivers to carriers

The supply chain is one of the most challenging industries in our country with many moving parts and in order to keep the items we buy on our shelves moving we have to recruit professionals that can make this happen safely, timely and securely as possible.

Total Recruit has the experience and staff that are well versed in the transportation industry not only from trucking but aviation in global operations. Total Recruit was built from it's sister companies which not only own and operate a fleet of OTR trucks but also develop Transportation Management Systems (TMS) sold worldwide called

Tired of subpar recruiting experiences using Google Sheets, poor candidates and zero guarantees?

We understand that our drivers are the tip of the spear, the marines on the highways moving our commodities and without them our country would grind to a halt. Total Recruit's mission is to procure experienced and professional drivers for trucking companies that have the same core values as our own trucking company. The driver has a voice!

If you are a professional driver looking for a new driving opportunity we can help and if you are a carrier looking for a marine behind the wheel our mission is to make a match and keep your truck rolling.

Management formerly from and now a fleet owner!


Abby Barros with a happy driver.


Abby Barros a former expansion employee and now owner of a large fleet is leading  our driver recruitment division.

We know how difficult it is in finding qualified and viable drivers for your trucking company because we are a trucking company.  We have used recruiters in the past which have ultimately fallen short on deliverables and expectations of what we think a recruitment agency should provide.

TD Recruit raises the bar and provides a level of service not seen in driver recruitment. We are a software developer, trucking company and large OTR dispatch company that fully understands your frustrations and will certainly change your experience eliminating your reservations of utilizing a recruiter for your trucking company.

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